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THE Atlite hatchlite is a fully functional Australian made skylight that doubles as an access hatch. The hatchlite has all the design innovation of the Atlite Energilite plus it comes with double actuators to provide a seamless opening and closing of the access unit.

The unit is double, or triple glazed to manage heat loss or gain. Is UV rated and has solar heat gain coefficiencies. Powder-coated Aluminium finish is noncorrosive and suitable for beachside and bush fire areas.

The hatchlite is BAL 40 rated. Available in 5 standard sizes or can be custom made to any size

Key Features


This Australian Made product is designed and made in Victoria with collaboration between the engineers of Atlite Skylights and Swinburne University Centre for Design Innovation
Compliant with AS4285-2007 Australian Standards testing for Skylights (Water Leakage) and AS1288-2006 Glass in Buildings-Selection and Installation

Rigorously tested – leak-proof, fire-resistant (Bal40 rated), and rain, hail and cyclone resistant in extreme conditions. The hatchlite is made for Australian extreme conditions

Low profile, compact design suits all roof types and pitches, with NO restrictions

Designed with edge to edge glass without the usual bulky trim, the hatchlite is a sleek, functional roof access hatch


This product was only launched in 2019 and has already been installed in over 12 buildings all requiring access to rooftop terraces that required a functional design but also had the WOW factor from both sides of the hatch.

Traditional hatches have been all metal and functional only for tradespeople needing access for maintenance, however with the hatchlite these access hatches are access as well as a skylight giving added natural light to the building below


The design took the Energilite and transformed this product into something quite different and with a completely different purpose. The Energilite is a skylight that was designed and released to the market in 2017.

The Hatchlite takes the Energilite and transforms this into a horizontal doorway to achieve roof top access. The increase in high density living means that gardens are now more frequently found on top of dwellings. Due to council height restrictions it can be difficulty to get a permit to have a normal door height leaving a flat access the only way to go.


The design innovation was a natural progression from the Energilite. After launching the Energilite in 2017 to rave reviews and awards it did not take the engineering team at Atlite long to extend the innovation to include double actuators, a remote and the Hatchlite innovation began.

Manufacturing in Australia and Australian Innovation is very important to Atlite. Atlite would prefer to spend time and money in Research & Development and invest in Australian ingenuity and workmanship than buy and resell overseas products.


– The BAL 40 rated hatchlite is made onsite at the Atlite’s ISO 9001 certified Factory in Cheltenham Victoria
– Atlite employs over 20 employees
– Atlite has a Research and Development department led by qualified engineers
– The hatchlite can be CUSTOM MADE to any size. Depending on the length the design may need mullions to maintain the strength and integrity of the glass
– All safety precautions and safety have been taken including manual operation mechanism

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