Assemble Studio Design


  • Designed by Assemble - Quino Holland, Ben Keck and Giuseppe Demaio
  • Built by Local Space - Wes Old, Mark Coules, Lachlan Chapman and Maxi Walker


Assemble is an architecture, design and property development company focused on small footprint projects. We designed our studio in Northcote to be a low-cost, flexible and inspiring place to work. As a company with design at its core, we felt it was important to invest in a studio that is a three-dimensional showcase for our design sensibility and capabilities. It has been very well received by the local and international design community and led to several great projects.

We also plublish, an online publication for small footprint living, covering art, design, architecture, urbanism, the environment and financial affairs.

Key Features


The main feature of our studio is the ceiling – a geometric form comprising triangular, origami-inspired folds of timber battens. The existing ceiling was cluttered with pipes, ductwork, air-conditioning units, smoke detectors and fire alarms. We wanted to conceal the labyrinth of pipes and tubing while still retaining the functionality. The ceiling design grew out of a process of experimentation, folding different sculpted origami forms in paper. The eventual design was composed of five triangles mirrored and repeated eight times across the length of the ceiling. The benefits of the design are: improved acoustics in a sustainable and aesthetically-pleasing design.


Exposed concrete can be both beautiful and energy-saving. So, we decided to leave the side walls and front part of the ceiling just as they are. This allows the space to benefit from the sun’s rays and the thermal mass effect and we also like seeing ‘the bones’ of the building.


In keeping with this ‘inner beauty’ sentiment, we’ve also left the marks and notes on the walls made by the builders during construction. The concrete floor slab has been cleaned and sealed with a low VOC concrete sealer.


All timber has been white-washed and sealed with a low VOC clear finish. The desktops are finished with Marmoleum, an old-fashioned flooring material made from linseed oil and natural pigments. All the joinery is built from sustainably-harvested hoop pine plywood.


The large windows mean that the space is flooded with natural light all day which means we rely very little on electric lighting, but when we do we will use low voltage LED strip lighting built into the ceiling (yet to be finished wiring!).

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