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  • Development by Sam Morgan
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Assemble is an architecture, design and property development company focused on small footprint projects.

As a design start-up with limited resources we want to develop a culture around small footprint living across art, design, architecture, urbanism, the environment and financial affairs and so, we founded our online publication, Assemble Papers ( in July 2012.

A publication that embodies our brand ideals, beliefs and sensibility has been effective in cultivating an audience and community of like-minded people has led to 60 registrations of interest in our first residential development project (which has significantly de-risked the development model .

Key Features


A key feature of Assemble Papers is its unique curation of original content. We have been lucky enough to work with some of the most talented and creative local and international writers, photographers, designers, illustrators, urban planners, architects, artists and property specialists. Our sincere yet savvy approach to small footprint living has struck a cord with a local and international audience who are highly engaged: we now have 2200 weekly e-news subscribers in 45 countries and across all our online/social media, an audience of nearly 13,000.


A ‘slow web’ approach – unlike many sites and blogs, our focus is on ‘less is more’: less content but of a higher quality and longer-form than most web content these days. We often receive feedback from readers that they enjoy our Friday newsletters and content over the weekend, it provides them a chance to slow down, engage and to think. We feel this positive response to our pace reflects a yearning for an antidote and more grounded alternative to the increasingly fast, demanding and multi-tasking pace of the online and networked world.


Assemble Papers’ strength lies in its sophisticated approach to sustainability: exploring, uncovering and showcasing both small and large projects that take a commonsense, ecological approach to both design and the environment. We feel that to really gather a critical mass around the crisis of our time – climate change ¬– we need to gather a community around this idea of living better with less. The best way to do this is not is through inspiration and optimism – this is reflected in the clean, inviting design of our website and branding, through to the topics and people we choose to cover.


From a business perspective, Assemble Papers is a very effective design and content-driven marking tool that has helped to build Assemble’s brand and profile in the design and wider community. This has translated to 60 registrations of interest in Assemble’s first apartment project, even though we are still on the hunt for a location. This has meant a lower-risk business model having an engaged group of potential buyers who we can consult on specific opportunities when they arise. This de-risking of our development model has been a key point of attraction to our equity investors who are some very respected long-term players in the property space.

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