Asian Pacific Serviced Office “Inspire” Campaign


  • Jalapeno Creative
  • Asian Pacific Group


Our brief was to help refresh and reposition the Asian Pacific Serviced Offices brand and generate new sales enquiries to small business owners, primarily males, aged between 24-34. In a highly competitive market, our campaign takes a different approach to commercial real estate focussing primarily on the positive work/life balance tenants will experience. This change in brand direction has seen a 25% increase in enquiries since the launch in February 2015.

Key Features


Positive messaging: Owning a business can be stressful, making it harder to achieve a happy work life. With the average 24 – 34 year old Australian male spending approximately 39% of their waking life at work, it’s absolutely crucial that your work life is an enjoyable experience. As they say, thinking positively leads to positive outcomes. Inspirational messages are used to uplift and motivate potential tenants to act on or enquire about secondary sales messaging relating to virtual and serviced offices.


Happy colours: The colour palette was strategically chosen to shift away from the stereotypical black/dark work attire that seems to be a prerequisite in any Melburnian’s wardrobe. Ignoring the corporate stereotype, our campaign uses vibrant and uplifting hues to compliment our positive messaging and catch the eye in all ambient, press and digital media.

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