Arrow Studio


  • Peter Hogg + Toby Reed Architects


Our brief was to build a small gallery in the bush back yard, where our client could hang his late wife’s paintings. The gallery would also be used as a study. For security reasons, as well as to maximize hanging space, we were asked to have minimal windows. This became the generator of the shape, which hides the windows behind the screened areas at each end.

The studio rethinks the Australian bush shed, as well as the modernist cube in the landscape. At night the room acts as a giant garden light / lantern, illuminating the bush garden.

Key Features


The Arrow Studio puts architecture back into the humble garden shed. The studio/gallery was realised for a very low budget, comparable with an off-the shelf shed on a slab.

The studio rethinks the Australian vernacular and our attitudes to the bush.

The studio uses a cut down version of passive-house technology so that minimal heating or cooling is required.

The studio is a repeatable design that can be built very cheaply and applied to various sites.

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