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Arnsdorf relaunched in May 2017 after reviewing the fashion industry and redesigning its entire design process around transparency and sustainability.

Arnsdorf is turning the entire retail process on its head, and is drawing upon Design Thinking for the entire product development process.

At the centre is drawing a vast amount of data around customer through social platforms and commerce platforms to drive design and transparency.

Key Features


Products are designed then “tested” conceptually with customers prior to development, both online and in person.

Nothing goes beyond sample production unless the data suggests it will be purchased.


Sampling and production are all done in-house at a factory the brand has built in Collingwood. Through this we are able adjust items directly based on feedback


Products that have the right #s are put into production and sold exclusively online and using excess retail inventory.


Everything is transparent. Every price of every item line is made available to customers: logistics, labor, design, operations.

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