Arnott’s Brand Book


  • The Edison Agency


The Edison Agency were engaged by the Arnott’s Group to help define and bring to life an identity system that reflected their brand vision – “Nurture more moments of real connection”, establishing a clear vision and voice to unlock its potential for the future in a growing industry sector.

Key Features


Through a series of inter-agency workshops with the marketing, insights and communication agencies, we were responsible for defining the brand’s personality, tone of voice and visual language system. Designed to reflect the energy, emotion and spirit of the brand. The bespoke hand-drawn illustrations capture this evocative emotional sentiment.

This editorial book is a celebration of a Trans Tasman icon – and is as much a cultural rally cry as it is a business tool – giving credence to the importance and commitment of Arnott’s and its role in Australian and New Zealand culture for generations to come.


The long term objective of this book was to ensure brand messaging and design cohesion across all touchpoints for the brand and create cost efficiencies via maximised return on investment in through-the-line applications. The book itself has become a sales tool for the business and the illustrations and design assets have been implemented in trade collateral, packaging design and even components of the new corporate identity system.


As a beloved Trans Tasman icon, the strategic brand process and design outcomes were part of a complex intern-agency process led by The Edison Agency where collaboration and alignment across varying creative and strategic partners was achieved. This was a project where there was no client brief but rather a client who communicated a brand problem in knowing that The Edison Agency would develop a program that delivered a progressional and effective solution.


The objective of the program was to ensure that all communications had a cohesive design and brand voice – using human-centred-design tools, Edison redefined a new set of guard-rails for the brand voice, narrative and role of each of the brands in the portfolio. This was a collaborative process working with an integrated team of agency partners and brand marketers to unpack the cultural, social and historical relevance of this great iconic Australian brand and ensure the spirit and truth wasn’t lost when looking to the future.

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