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Ariella has created the ultimate range of children’s overalls which are sustainable and accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia. Designed to last for years, fit the child as they grow, then be handed down to other children.

Ariella is a Master Tailor who apprenticed under her grandfather a European Master Tailor. Ariella saw a huge gap in the market for children’s clothes that are TRULY sustainable. She believes that there is no point in using organic fabrics if the clothes are poorly made, don’t last through numerous washes or worse, do not fit well and they are never worn more than once.

Key Features


One of the most common things parents say is “what’s the point in spending a lot on kids clothes when they are just going to grow out of them in a few months. I can just go to a chain store and buy something for $10 bucks.“ Ariella addressed this issue by creating overalls that grow with the child, they are adjustable at the back with buttonhole elastic, move out as they get wider or bring it in as they move from a bulky nappy to slimmer underwear. 2 buttons on each strap to move up as they get taller.


Customize your own tailored overalls.
By offering the customer the ability to customize their own overalls it allows the customer to express themselves creatively and feel like they are getting a unique design. First they select the base colour, the strap fabric, then select the designs for the pockets and buttons. Made to measure – using the child’s measurements Ariella will then cut the overalls to fit the child now and last for the next few years. Once orders are received they then get added to the production list and get sewn with any other orders and then posted out.


Fit and function.
Ariella has achieved the perfect fit, beautifully tailored with a flat front and reinforced bib and waistband. Extremely comfortable and practical including being very easy to toilet train kids in as there is no need to fuss with studs and buckles! Double or triple stitched where needed including the crotch for extra strength. The fabric is strong and durable and most importantly machine washable. Parents will love the fabric as it doesn’t crease as easily as other fabrics, it also softens up when washed. The pockets also work! (a pet hate of Ariella’s is fake pockets)


Ariella is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia and is a big advocate for locally made and ensures their supply chains are transparent and all workers are receiving their legal entitlements. Customers can be totally confident that all products from Ariella are sweatshop free and 100% Australian made. Many fashion companies have moved manufacturing offshore leaving many machinists out of work, as the business grows Ariella would like to employ some of these workers and try to be an example to other fashion businesses that you can still manufacture in Australia and that customers will pay as the quality is higher.


By winning this award I am “keeping the art of tailoring alive”. Every time I make something I hear my grandfather’s words “it cannot leave unless it’s perfect!” Tailors understand fabric, fit and quality more than anyone else. I ensure that ethics, sustainability and the environmental impact are considered in every piece I create. I use Hemp organic cotton which has a lower impact on the environment than regular cottons, my cutting methods produce less wastage, all scraps are turned into buttons or pockets. The most important thing to me is the product’s life cycle, tailors make things that last!

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