Arbory Bar & Eatery


  • Jackson Clements Burrows


A previously unused sliver of railway land adjacent to Flinders Street Station has been creatively transformed into a unique outdoor food and beverage venue, Arbory Bar & Eatery. The design skilfully addresses all operational requirements for a large-scale, high volume, inner-city hospitality establishment. Kitchens, bars and back of house areas are contained within a minimalist architectural form constructed of timber and polycarbonate which responds in an abstract manner to the linear nature of the rail lines, platforms and river. While Arbory is sympathetic to the surrounding heritage context, it also redefines Melbourne’s CBD connection to the Yarra’s North Bank.

Key Features


Arbory demonstrates innovation in its efficient rehabilitation of a small plot of land to maximise site area and illustrates design excellence in the planning and adoption of pre-fabricated assembly. The clever design maximises the riverfront aspect while enabling the operational setup to fit within the constraints of an extremely narrow site. The unique illuminated \’lantern-like\’ form has been highly successful in reactivating the space and attracting patrons. Arbory is a truly unique urban redevelopment which has resulted in the creation of a new riverside leisure space which is contemporary and highly successful.

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