aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain with water bottle refill station


  • Waterford Trading Pty Ltd


aquaBUBBLERs are drinking fountains with a difference. Innovatively designed to appeal to children and the visually-conscious, aquaBUBBLER\’s mission is to make tap water desirable.

aquaBUBBLER combines modern aesthetics with practical, low-maintenance technology. The non-drip taps reduce water consumption and wastage, while replacing bottled water consumption reduces litter, and the carbon footprint from its production and distribution.

Each aquaBUBBLER has a drinking fountain and water-bottle filling station, while the Universal Access aquaBUBBLER complies with DDA guidelines giving easy access for the disabled. aquaBUBBLER is a Victorian success story with units installed in schools, universities and public spaces across Australia.

Key Features


The tap is a unique design. Simple to operate, minimal moving parts. Functional and hygienic, with contemporary looks.

Sleek lines, robust polymer body in a wide range of colours make aquaBUBBLER look like no other water fountain.

Graphics, logos and messages are embedded into the polymer body. Highly fade-resistant and virtually indestructible. For branding, public service messages.

Institutions are discouraging or banning the sale of bottled water. aquaBUBBLER’s drinking fountain and water-bottle refill capability plus DDA compliance, covers hydration needs and promotes sustainable practices.

Every part is recyclable, after many years of use, aquaBUBBLER will not add to land-fill problems.

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