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ANZ has occupied the historic Royal Bank building in some form since it was built in 1941. Over the time since the space was last refurbished they have continued enhancing their retail offerings for their clients and prioritising collaborative retail engagements. To supplement these engagements, WMK created purpose build collaboration spaces leveraging cutting-edge digital technologies.

WMK was engaged to design a vessel to allow ANZ to push their vision of the future of banking, involving breaking down traditional barriers between banker and customer.

Key Features


Though no internal heritage controls were in effect; WMK paid homage to the buildings recent internal forms highlighting some of the site’s history. The de-fit provided opportunities to reveal some of these elements and the intent was very much to tread lightly as we built the new space within them. Mimicking the gentle curves of the previous design, and juxtaposing it, the solution incorporates contemporary curvilinear furniture elements with the modern technology of contemporary digital banking and collaborative spaces.


WMK pushed the boundary with a digital-focused retail environment within the historic Royal Bank building while being respectful to the heritage of the site. The result was a welcoming, bright environment that promoted collaboration both between staff and with customers.

To maximise space and provide flexible usage for ANZ’s extensive business units, the mezzanine level was designed with expansive views over the banking chamber and Melbourne streetscape.

ANZ prides itself on its ability to deliver banking that’s convenient, flexible and accessible to all its customers. The fit out has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both customers and staff.


ANZ made the strategic decision to transform its national retail network – not just the built environment, but the entire approach to the banking experience for its customers. WMK has partnered with ANZ to develop the latest iteration of their Digital Design; an environment to enable more personable customer interactions.

Royal was an opportunity for ANZ and WMK to further explore the flexible working methodologies proven in ANZ’s own workplace to further challenge the historic notions of ‘banking’. The result was a space that allows any banker to help any customer in whichever way best suited the task they were trying to achieve together.

WMK utilised the previously prepared and comprehensive ‘kit of parts’ for the design to create an engaging experience between ANZ staff and its customers.


– Intentionally avoided building any elements against the inside of the envelope to pay homage to the heritage of the place
– Maintain activation with streetscape
– Expansive 24hour lobby – providing continuity of comfort
– Warmth and customer comfort juxtaposed with cutting-edge digital banking
– Multi-function spaces which allow users to change their space to suit the task at hand
– Ventilation systems integrated seamlessly with interior finishes
– Very early coordination of several disciplines to enable use of large automated openable shopfront at the threshold of the 24hour space


– Provided new, above ground compliant staff amenities
– Large multi-function video wall: Seminar screen & interactive(twitter) virtual garden
– Various subtle brand opportunities integrated with interiors finishing
– Significant indoor planting to improve indoor air quality and inhabitant wellbeing
– Large 24 hour (after hours) lobby providing 90%+ of BH functionality

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