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Deloitte Digital was approached by ANZ to produce digital media solution for their new concept branch located at 833 Collins St Docklands. The engagement involved a strategic review of interaction, cohesion and flow through the newly designed branch, and how digital media could be used to attract, entertain, educate and inform in-branch customers.

Deloitte Digital worked closely with ANZ in creating a solution which met both business and marketing objectives and set a roadmap for how customers would interact with ANZ branches in the future.

Key Features


Deloitte Digital was asked to develop and design a digital media content strategy that complimented the new Model and met business and marketing objectives for the new Concept Branch, including:

– Design concepts and storyboards addressing the relevant content type and hardware for each of the customer zones.
– Production of all animated content
– Deliver all supporting content across a variety of digital displays: portrait, landscape and ‘superwide’ LED screens and an interactive iPad kiosk.
– Develop scheduling order, design and recommendations on content and loop durations.


The digital media also aimed to create a positive effect on branch customers and staff through a set of objectives:

– Empower customers through educating and informing them how they can transact in branch.
– Educate customers on how to achieve their financial goals.
– Promote sales based content that highlights banking opportunities that align with the focus of branch sales staff.
– Contribute to an improved in branch experience by introducing a modern ambience.
– Reduce perceived waiting time with ‘info-tainment’ content.


A thorough content strategy was developed to completely understand the customer journeys before content creation could begin. We workshopped with the client to define key customer scenarios and established content zones, dwell times and loop durations.
Customer experience played an important part as we wanted to add value beyond typical product advertising. We were conscious to create a pleasing experience which positively influenced emotion and behaviour.

All content was required to integrate into a new CMS with bespoke programs and applications required to be written. Offline live environment testing was required to ensure quality control and successful integration.


We studied traffic flows and behavioural patterns through the branch and created zoned spaces, each with dedicated themes. We designed and developed categorised content for specific customer needs in the zoned sections, with an aim to Attract, Entertain, Educate, Inform and Interact. The branch was fitted with a variety of large format digital screens covering portrait, landscape and superwide formats, as well as an interactive iPad infobar. The different screens allowed us to target customers attention with a variety of content including animation, live action and dynamic feeds.

Particular attention was paid to create a unique, ambient experience for the dynamic content and quality of animation.


The implementation and customer preference for digital media sees the transition towards a paperless branch. Traditional advertising posters, signage and brochures are now easily updated and replaced through a digital delivery, eliminating financial and environmental costs.

A portion of the digital media was also designed to remain dynamically updated through weather, news and information feeds that keep the content fresh without comprising on quality as well as saving on production costs.

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