ANZ Breakpoint


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ANZ Breakpoint is an immersive, large format interactive game that allows fans to experience the thrill of playing a high energy tennis-themed game in an abstract world of obstacles and achievements.

The experience was a representation of ANZ’s overarching ‘Keep Moving’ campaign – encouraging players to push through obstacles, keep moving, focus on their goals and achievements – swinging a tennis racket at virtual targets on screen.

Spanning 54 square metres, ANZ Breakpoint centred around an awe-inspiring digital installation of three projected game booths designed to be as immersive for the individual players as it was for those watching.

Key Features


Over the course of the 13 day Australian Open tournament, patrons played the ANZ Breakpoint experience over 6,700 times.

The installation used a combination of motion sensors, surround sound and seamless projections to create a unique, open-air immersive experience.

Players could pick up a regular tennis racket, step into the game and begin playing straight away – with little need for instruction or obvious technology.

After completing their game, players could then send themselves a video capture of the experience to an email address for sharing on their preferred social channels.  

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