Anti-hate Android and iOS App


  • Butterfly
  • Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission


The Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission (VEOHRC) seeks to resolve issues around discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation and racial or religious vilification through a free, fair and timely dispute resolution service that aims to achieve a mutual agreement.

Butterfly was engaged by VEOHRC to build an app, based on the successful (also Butterfly built) anti-hate website. This was to increase accessibility and enable hate reporting from the public with the overall goal of reducing discrimination and improving social behaviour. VEOHRC decided to add both iOS and Android apps to their suite of Anti-Hate resources to increase end-user adoption.

Key Features


Design Innovation – The idea to ‘snap and report’ by making the camera front and centre in the navigation was crucial for ease of access.

The user could supplement their submission with visual evidence of the incident if required.

Tips to ‘spray back’ against hate were introduced on the landing page to allow:

-Speed and accessibility
-Saving of user date for future submissions making it more productive
-Quick access to the camera or user’s phone gallery to upload images to reports of incidents
-Tips to spray back
-Share Anti Hate heroes’ stories to Facebook/Twitter or email to a friend.


Design Excellence – We worked with the design elements and branding from the Anti-Hate campaign site and brought them into the mobile app solution by taking advantage of the mobile features. The camera, video and location services were the primary mobile features that the application tapped into. This allowed the user to take photos within the app, upload videos from their gallery and also save the location of the user when their report or story is submitted to VEOHRC to address issues with real-time hate captures.


Front-End Design Impact – The website and mobile site were both successful assets in the Anti-Hate ongoing campaign, and the introduction of the app added a degree of functional and aesthetic appeal to a broad range of users. However, the introduction of the app meant there needed to be a point of difference. Determining which mobile features could be utilised to improve the user experience and quality of the data was essential.

Providing access for users to see others stories and encouraging them to report their own incidents or share stories had to be as simple and fast as possible.


Back-End Design Impact – It was important to ensure that all data from each platform (Android, iOS, website, and mobile site) was captured in a single system. This aided ease of access, exploration, and analysis of the data. The mobile site, app, and the desktop site can all be managed from the one back-end.

This allowed VEOHRC to evaluate reports based on types of hate, location and user demographics with the overall goal of improving social behaviour.


Design Transformation – Given the app’s key function is including posts that consist of similar data to that of the Anti-Hate website, the app had to utilise mobile features that were not available on the website.
Sharing of stories or reporting on a specific incident would benefit from the media being accessible on these devices (such as images or videos). The outcome is that feedback from the community would allow VEOHRC to respond to discrimination-based issues more comprehensively and analyse data on a wider scale.

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