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A new brand identity can trigger a whole range of changes for an organisation. August partnered with Anglicare Victoria throughout a recent full-scale brand transformation, working together to deliver a new and improved digital presence encompassing internal and public-facing assets.

Key Features


One of Victoria’s most prominent NGOs, Anglicare Victoria supports the vulnerable people in our communities. They work to eradicate homelessness, end domestic violence, and advocate on a range of other social issues. As a result, potential user audiences encompass families, donors, service partners and industry professionals.

The redesigned website better articulates Anglicare’s supports, streamlines user access to those supports, and offers a clearer platform for ongoing campaign initiatives. The site redesign reflects Anglicare’s new brand positioning; it focuses on optimism and outcomes through clean lines and white space, brighter colour gradients, and impactful photography to convey more affecting personal narratives.


The new site reiterates the positive impact of Anglicare Victoria’s community initiatives, and takes a more personal approach to conveying that impact per audience. By segmenting content into distinct sections for people who require support, and contributors, the site is better placed to efficiently meet primary visitor needs.

Additionally, with highly flexible content and a design focused on ongoing campaign initiatives, the new site offered an essential platform in Anglicare’s most recent annual winter appeal. With digital advertising channels funneling back to a bespoke campaign landing and donation page, the appeal generated hundreds of thousands of views and exceeded fundraising expectations.


After engaging in a static rebrand, Anglicare decided to completely refresh their entire digital presence. The public-facing website redevelopment encompassed a wide range of simultaneous supplementary deliverables, including a staff intranet and various extranets purpose–designed for stakeholders like volunteers, service partners, foster carers and board members.

The intra and extranets were developed to replicate design features of the public-facing website, for consistency, improved platform familiarity amongst staff, and easier use. Since site launch, aspects of the digital design have also been translated into wider organisational collateral: staff screen-savers, email signatures, printed materials, physical and digital office signage, and more.

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