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In schools, when it comes to hands on electronics, Printed Circuit Boards offers simplicity with limited analysis. Breadboards on the other hand allow much more scope for analysis of circuits but with increasing complexity and confusion. Students consider the PCB to be a very simple task and get bored. On the other hand they get much challenged with the breadboards and not very many touch the breadboard again after the first try for years to come. My goal was to develop something that can bridge this gap between the PCBs and the breadboards.

Key Features


I have created a PCB with female headers. More analysis is possible because the components can be changed like in breadboards. Less confusion is inevitable because the PCBs are designed in line with the circuit diagram, means you will find the components in the same place on PCB as in the circuit diagram. This feature is clearly and prominently displayed by 3 in 1 transistor multivibrator. The 9 in 1 needs a bit more analysis in regards to where the components go.


The product is sold in the form of kit which includes a lot of extra components that the students can use for analysis. The documentation and support is also provided free of cost with 24 hour response time.


I created this for my wife\’s shop and she is now in process to sell this to Australian school electronics teachers. I have presented this at DATTA Vic’s, “Design and Thinking” conference and was appreciated by all teachers dealing in this subject area.


The product is more environmentally friendly because one board can be used to make multiple (more than nine) circuits and with the opportunity to change components this number increases many times. Further the students like it so much that they choose to cherish it instead of throwing it away to end up in a landfill. Worthwhile to mention that I promote the use of lead-less solder and my wife has simply refused to sell leaded solder.

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