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The support received by LGBTQIA+ youth on the journey to adulthood creates turning points; for better or worse. It’s often a hard journey involving uncertainty and isolation, rejection or partial acceptance, inadequate sex education, mental health risk and fragmented support.

Over 20 years Minus18 has established itself as a champion of, and lifeline for, LGBTQIA+ youth. Their capacity to scale their services, reach new audiences and serve young people was constrained by their digital infrastructure. This included a visual identity out of step with their brand; a lack of automation; sub-par digital performance and unnecessary complexities in user experience.

Key Features


Minus18 serves youth who are looking for guidance and community. They also increasingly reach sponsors, donors, parents and schools who have power to create a more supportive world for these young people.

The Minus18 website is a channel for engagement, support, education and sales for young people, parents and professionals. The solution needed to be true to the vibrance the young queer community, but enable a mature and serious purpose.

This project required the intelligent resolution of interconnected brand, user experience, customer relationship, technology and maintenance challenges. We’re proud of what we achieved for this small but mighty organisation.


The new website gives users a compelling impression of Minus18 and performs essential services more effectively and efficiently. Subscriber management is easier. Workshop booking is simpler. The store has been made over and has seen a 486% uplift in sales. Pages load 70 to 85% faster. Time consuming tasks have been eliminated. Cart abandon rates — previously unusually high, have reduced considerably. These improvements remove very real constraints to continued growth.


Minus18 exists both as a lifeline and a champion for a minority cohort, and provides a bridge to the broader community. The solution helps them perform both of these roles in the digital space. The new site resolves brand paradoxes to serve audiences: young, adult, professionals, parents, peers, queer and ally alike.

By leveraging existing services and creating some of our own, we’ve provided a maintainable solution that removes limitations and enables Minus18 to grow even further. Thanks to a modular system of repeatable, multi-use components, this solution will serve them and their new look now and into the future.


The Minus 18 website reflects the community’s spirit while growing the brand’s potential for partnerships with organisations ranging from high schools to corporations. We elevated and polished the visual identity and solved a raft of technical, performance and maintenance issues.

To develop a new direction for the brand we analysed its most recognisable components and thoughtfully iterated, refined and expanded them. We used object modelling to define a cohesive structure and narrative inclusive of all users. We removed administrative bottlenecks with affordable and maintainable digital solutions, including integrating MailChimp and Shopify into the build.

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