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Amano is an Australian Based Creative design company which creates functional, yet luxurious alpaca knitwear, including fashion accessories and for the home .

Formed in 2014 by Lorena Laing, Amano looks to collaborate with local artisans and suppliers. Its intent is to slow down the cycle of disposable fast fashion and return to the fundamentals of clothing.
“Amano was born from a calling to return to my familiar. Looking back at my past collections and working with natural textiles. The Alchemy of transforming the raw materials into precious works of wearable art.”

Key Features



One of the legs of Amano is Fabrica by Lorena Laing. Fabrica is our locally made machine knit alpaca knitwear. this project allows us to investigate different ways to reduce waste, whilst continuing to create a minimal carbon footprint movement. through the aid of programing and technicians we can create a finished garment with near Zero waste whilst still creating innovation with a concience.



The Alpaca fibre I work with is local & ethically sourced from Peru, the Women who weave and knit my product are locals and my focus is on keeping it local and 100% Natural.
We take great pride in hand crafting products which utilize locally sourced materials, have zero waste and are manufactured and packaged locally. We are aware of carbon footprint, of our struggling manufacturing industry and our ageing artisanal skills, which we feel the responsibility to preserve and pass on to future generations.



Hand knit. Hand Woven. Hand made. Proudly Australian Owned, Designed & Made from pure, luxurious, natural fibers.

With a background in fashion Design across Womens’ Apparel and knitwear Lorena’s extensive experience has given her the ability to continue to produce designs which excite and awaken the needs & wants of her loyal following.

Amano works with the most eco friendly natural fibre in the world and is able to transform it to contemporary knitwear. Amano shields us from the elements and reflects a modern design through utilising classic handcrafted techniques combined with the ancient alpaca fibre. These key components create a highly desirable design product, fitting in perfectly within today’s ethical and sustainable society.


In times of global conflict and political turmoil we return to the familiar. We search for what makes us feel safe, warm and nurtured. We cocoon.
Alpaca’s natural properties give us a second skin, a natural shield against the elements. Alpaca offers a true sense of luxury through its soft handle & weightless warmth, all of which is perfectly executed through a strong design aesthetic.
We are working with an ancient natural fibre and transforming it to contemporary fashion wears which shield us from the elements and reflect a modern design, whilst utilising classic handcrafted techniques both through the aid of machine knitting combined with handknitting and weaving. All of these components together create a highly desirable design product which fits in perfectly within today’s society.


Amano by Lorena Laing has launched into the international market. It has been received with open arms into the US and the Emirates market place ( Dubai) as a fresh and new way of doing knitwear within the fashion industry. The Amano “australian made, designer knitwear” will continue to grow its demand globally, as we continue to see climate change and we shift from the fast fashion movement to the slow fashion, ethically made, ethically sourced mindset.

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