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In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth was the ideal solution for Alto Health to support their patients. Storyfolk created a custom-built website showcasing an impactful brand identity paired with sophisticated user experience. Alto Health was able to pivot to a digital-first solution focussed on personalised care which was incorporated into the entire brand experience, ensuring a continued standard of high-quality medical treatment and minimising the spread of COVID-19.

Key Features


The brand development of Alto Health showcases how holistic high-quality design can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Named after the cloud formation altocumulus, these clouds are dynamic, complex and interconnected and like our health have many different layers. This multilayered methodology has been carried through to all touchpoints of the brand experience from fusing the letters a-l-t-o into a cloud formation within the brandmark to the architecture of soft curving contour walls in the practice to the user-experience in digital and custom paper-cut illustrations.


Storyfolk was able to apply a level of resourcefulness to guide Alto Health to an effective and impactful telehealth solution so they could continue to support the wellbeing of their patients. This was integral to Alto Health operating in a commercial capacity using their custom-build website including telehealth functionality to continue offering an easily accessible and safe service while also minimising the risk of exposure of COVID-19.


Storyfolk\’s ability to develop the website to include a membership offering, Telehealth functionality, and a comprehensive social media strategy showcases the value of professional design aiding businesses to adapt to meet patient needs within the COVID-19. This impactful and sophisticated design approach not only helped promote telehealth within the health industry but assisted a traditional industry to embrace innovation in time where it was greatly needed. Storyfolk\’s ability to execute this within a three-week timeframe demonstrates the power of design thinking in healthcare.


The objective to roll out Telehealth for Alto Health demonstrated both adaptability and design innovation offering a patient-centric solution. Storyfolk’s quick-thinking and agile approach allowed Alto Health to offer contact-free essential services during a global pandemic with an intuitive and custom-built website within three weeks. The motivation to offer individual and high-quality healthcare rain, hail, or COVID-19 was built upon the mantra “The human body is a complex system but accessing quality healthcare doesn’t have to be \’\’.


Alto Health needed to refresh the expectation and perception of a traditional general practice so we worked backward from what we wanted the experience of being treated by Alto Health to feel like; welcoming, elegant, thoughtful, and exceptional one-on-one service. From there we created a unique series of paper cut illustrations to showcase Alto Health’s unique attention to detail and focus on the patient experience. This unique approach flowed through into all brand collateral from the innovative booking system, the implementation of telehealth to suit patients’ schedules and requirements.

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