Allen & Unwin Responsive e-Commerce Site


  • Butterfly
  • Allen & Unwin


Using the best in responsive layout design for desktop, mobile and tablet perfection, Butterfly and Allen & Unwin created this stunning e-commerce website. The site content is dynamically linked and managed centrally from a database to ensure accurate representation of stock availability. A modern and intuitive design enables a smooth user experience from browsing through to purchase.

Butterfly were engaged to deliver not just Allen & Unwin\’s Australian and New Zealand websites, but also Murdoch Books\’ sites in Australia and the UK. These were designed and developed concurrently and launched together.

Key Features


The dynamic banner space on the homepage, using the fabulous book cover designs in a mosaic pattern, is frequently updated to create a fresh homepage feel while contributing to the promotion of new or featured products.


The contemporary and oversize design cleverly uses the broad colour palette across easily navigable menu structures and highly advanced search functions.


The responsive design includes sleek JavaScript animated menus on tablet and mobile to enhance the user experience across a range of devices.


The one page check out design and functionality enables users to swiftly process their orders and speeds up conversions.

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