Albert Park College Environmental Arts Hub


  • Six Degrees Architects
  • Photography by Simon James


The Albert Park College Environmental Arts Hub is an exemplar project within the context of government schools and the constraints of repurposing historic buildings for new uses.

The original Drill Hall becomes the centre piece of the college and new infill mezzanines add to the range of learning spaces and opportunities for student interaction. A student run café provides life to the college and a stepped timber grandstand gives a unique appreciation of the building volume and functionality for performance and group activities.

The result is an engaging and enduring learning and social environment with historic and contemporary elements.

Key Features


Adaptive reuse of two Victorian Heritage Register buildings: 1862 Sandridge Post and Telegraph Office (JJ Clarke) and 1911 Naval Drill Hall (JS Murdoch).

Cohesive materiality and subtle form of the inserted new works, using timber finishes to add warmth and texture.

The overall cost of $2,200/m2 is considered to be excellent value for money.

Sustainable finishes, services and materials to keep operating and maintenance costs as low as possible and contribute to a healthy learning environment.

An asset for the School and the community with a large multipurpose community space for event use.


Steve Cook, Foundation Principal Testimonial

“The overall impact is spectacular; a bold development that manages to straddle the competing demands of creating a 21st century learning environment … Our students have grown to love the space which models for them what we can do to make a difference to our environment.

Six Degrees have delivered on our desire to create a distinctive, innovative learning space. It simply does not look like a school, yet it delivers high end educational outcomes”


AIA Jury Testimonial

“The Albert Park College Environmental Arts Hub is an exemplar project within the context of government schools and the education department’s traditional constraints, guidelines and orthodoxies.

Equally, the re-use of two significant heritage-listed buildings … has resulted in a vibrant and engaging educational experience for the college’s year 9 students.

The architects have carefully managed to combine the rich heritage aspect of the original building fabric with contemporary technologies and teaching facilities.”

– 2017 AIA (Vic) The Henry Bastow Award for Educational Architecture
– 2017 AIA (Vic) The John George Knight Award for Heritage

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