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Loctag (short for location tag) is an RFID tag  designed to contain and collect vital information requested or required by field crews with in  water waste utility services e.g. Councils , Water Authorities, and Government Departments that control or maintain sewer or storm water systems.

Information can be accessed in less than 1 minute, 24/7 and thus reduce time, cost and resources and environmental damage when water systems overflow from storm water and sewage .

Key Features


Design is 50mm diameter 10mm thick colour coded tags with RFID barcode inserted inside and protected.

Contains information past and present once field crew has access to a manhole or storm water pit using an authority number.

Benefits is that they are multicultural readable in a engraved UV plastic weather proof, vandal proof to extreme, if you require further info scan and read scanner or iPhone, this information is then sent to a utility server for up dating.


I believe its not about the product its about the value we receive from this tag. Can use this in any country

Once a tag is scanned by a scanner, iPhone or just filling out a information form , this info is picked up by RFID barcode , By reading the info from a scanner or iPhone it will also give correct information of depth , pipe size ,and configuration , it will contain last maintenance and up date new maintenance , this information is then sent via tele communications to its utility server e.g Melbourne water or Melbourne city council who ever wishes to use my service . These tags are inserted and info is collected on or after the agreement has been made
A utility service will obtain a password of their own to give authority to their field crews/staff only, nobody could enter using iPhone/scanner.


Other Benefits
Imagine walking along the footpath etc , and someone sees sewerage coming out of a MH , Now he/she in general would not bother , but with a little luck she/he reads the tag , and calls 131244 , emergency Melbourne water hotline the operator may say what colour tag , oh its grey so he/she knows its sewer , then ask if he/she can see a letter /number, Yes its MWPL 2234 automatically address details will show up , and the process is in motion to control the spillage.

We work with a Multicultural society all different languages , disabilities by looking at the engraved tag top side, they will see its colour , an asset number e.g MWPL 2234 and a number 131244 If this manhole or storm water has 4 pipes in it , this is also drawn on the tag with an arrow showing down stream , when these Chambers are full you do not have a clue which or how many pipes in it.


These tags are great for our emergency services , vital for oils spills ,fuels etc , info sent to EPA , council ,water authority all they need to do is follow the tag trail , to see how far the spillage has travelled in the drainage system . e.g 1-13 that’s how far its travelled and stopped , so now with an emergency response clean up team they will block it off at 14 and start the cleaning from 1-14 using high pressure cleaning and vac trucks .

Again with Bush fires , the fire hydrant can be at the top of the hill , and they need to cart water down to the fire units , at the bottom , we can use the fire hydrant at the top numbered start at pit number 101 and there maybe a pit at the bottom 4 kilometres down to where the units are e.g 200 so with my early inspection and inserting tags I have located a drain that continues all the way down the hill with out any diversion , so now I know water will run into pit 101 and come out at 200 which is blocked off and submersible pumps filling up tricks . to save carting it


I have over 100 photos of councils who have painted arrows on manholes and pits to show the direction of flow , they are ghastly ,ugly looking and not tolerated us as the Public will be fined if we did that , this is called Graffiti in /on public place . this is another indication that what I have designed is small tidy and gives information required .

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