AITSL Online Strategic Redesign


  • Meld Studios
  • Websilk
  • Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership


Strategic design to inform the redesign of the AITSL website.
AITSL is a global leader in promoting excellence in teaching and school leadership. With an audience of over 300,000 teachers and principals, AITSL is the leading authority of the profession in Australia.

Amidst the worldwide disruption of the education sector AITSL engaged Websilk to redesign their online presence. Websilk engaged Meld Studios to develop a new understanding of AITSL’s value to users and stakeholders as a foundation for the site redesign and to enable AITSL to build on their achievements and continue to support excellence in Australian teaching and School Leadership.

Key Features


Current State Map
We created a visual map reflecting current needs, interactions and processes both within and outside AITSL. It served three functions: as an artefact pointing out weaknesses and strengths in the customer experience, as a tool for organisational change, and as a specification for Websilk, leading the technical redesign. The map was the visual representation of an intense research and stakeholder engagement process, synthesising 45 interviews, 3 workshops and 10 iterations (both real-life and digital) outside and across the organisation. It achieved high-level impact by identifying 3 new customer types and creating a coherent, cross-channel view of the organisation.


Future State Map
Based on qualitative research and co-design work with stakeholders we designed a strategy to guide AITSL forward, visualised in a future state map and report. Using design as a strategic tool in the organisation was unprecedented but core to its success. It established design-thinking principles such as iteration, inclusiveness, human-centredness, co-design and research as ways of working with each other and with customers after the project. This provided high value way beyond informing the current website redesign. The map and report have enabled new ways of working as well informing the website redesign directly.


User Centred Design as a New Way of Working
The project brought design methodology as a way of working into the organisation, impacting processes and culture. It introduced agile processes, which have since been adopted in two unrelated major projects. The client shared that: “1. Senior management at AITSL have embraced the Agile project delivery methodology. This means all relevant tech projects (not just the web project) will focus on user centred design. 2. AITSL is now offering Agile training to staff to work as Product Owners with vendors to execute user centred projects.”


Co-design as a Customer Engagement Principle
Design methodology has also impacted AITSL’s understanding and engagement of the customer beyond the project. New customer types and ways of engaging with them (design principles) have been taken up at all levels of the organisation. They have been validated by external research and are now used as the baseline to inform strategic projects. The maps and report are used as a reference point in strategic discussions beyond IT-projects. Design thinking principles are increasingly used for the basis of customer engagement, for example in establishing participatory design with schools as a foundational principle in developing resources.

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