Airwrap Baby Mattress Protector


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Airwrap baby mattress protector. The AIRWRAP mattress protector has the right balance of features in a mattress protector for both baby and the mattress. ‘Not too soft, juuust right’ made with sleep surface firmness recommendations in mind. It is free from padding and firm fitting to limit potential hazard if the baby turns over. Awareness of the importance of indoor air quality #IAQ is on the rise. The patented, vapour-proof construction limits the baby from cot/crib mattress off-gassing and thus limiting VOC exposure. The mattress protector is also tested and certified not to produce its own VOCs.

Key Features


The team at Airwrap studied and challenged the existing product features and benefits in the segment and challenged the supply chain as to what was most popular globally and why. There were two profound findings: existing products were not considering the 2013 sleep surface safety standard nor the 2014 findings on cot mattresses being an epicentre for chemical exposure. The end design had to have similar functions and aesthetic of the existing while solving the safety issues uncovered. It is designed to last as well as to increase the ability for the reuse of cot mattresses.


With the majority of existing products incorporating both softness and breathable (vapour-permeable) as positive design features in their marketing, how did we go about offering a product that would offer better protection against the hazards identified? We needed to literally flip the script offering a ‘firm-friendly’ and ‘vapour-proof’ alternative in both design and messaging. The manufacturing process ended up being quite complex, enabling us to patent the design. We are grateful for all the recent advancements in research and standards enabling us to create and offer our customers a better mattress protector for babies.


This project is driving change in the understanding of lesser known hazards and helping correct ambiguous and incorrect messaging in our industry. Introducing ‘vapour proof’, we are drawing attention to mattresses being a source and host for potentially harmful VOCs. Introducing ‘firm friendly’, we are highlighting that consumers can currently unwittingly mix and match bedding with a complaint mattress to create a failing sleep surface, increasing the risk of suffocation 3 times. The option of a vapour-proof barrier like this will also hopefully lead to an increase in reuse of cot mattresses globally which are fast becoming a single-use item.


The design and messaging improvements that Airwrap have integrated into this new version of the humble baby mattress protector will have an impact that will be felt beyond Australia’s borders. The updated features will garner interest from consumers, industry suppliers and advocacy groups around the globe. The fact that something has been made in a certain way for decades does not mean that it’s automatically the best. If we care about our consumers, we are expected to be curious and challenge previous design philosophies, not just accept them and replicate them for commercial gain.


• Available in bassinet, large cradle, cot, large cot and cot bed (UK)
• Non-toxic
• Waterproof
• Machine wash and dry
• Smooth and non-padded for a firm fit
• Vapour proof to limit mattress-based nasties or VOCs
• Shields from dust mites*
• Shields from exposure to bacteria & fungal spores*

*when routinely cleaned

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