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Air OPUS® is the world’s first self-inflating camper trailer. It can be set up in less than three minutes at the press of a button, whereas other campers can take more than half an hour.

Applying air beam tent technology for the first time in a camper trailer, a built-in electric air pump inflates the air beams of the OPUS® curved canvas roof.

Air OPUS® is the latest in the OPUS® line, with a “tough luxury” theme that combines luxurious OPUS® fit-out with tough off-road running gear.

The Air OPUS® inflatable tent can be retro-fitted to any existing OPUS®.

Key Features


Self-inflating Air Beam Technology

Five air beams arch over the camper to form a curved tent structure, inflated in less than two minutes by a built-in electric air pump.

Each beam comprises an inner tube and tough canvas casing (much like a motorcycle tube and tyre) in a locating sleeve attached to the tent.

The tubes remain inflated indefinitely until their relief valves are opened.

Benefit: Setting up the camper takes a fraction of the normal time, and there is no setting up and tensioning of poles and hoops – just press a button and it takes shape automatically.


Four berths (or six) in a compact camper

The OPUS® dual-fold design provides two double beds plus a dinette that converts to an additional double bed – all in a compact trailer.

With a length of 4800 mm and maximum weight of 1800 kg, it can be towed by many family sedans and compact SUVs.

Its bright, airy living area has 2.3 metres of headroom and is more than doubled by the Air Annexe.

Benefit: Comfortable and spacious family accommodation (similar to a large caravan) in a camper small and light enough to be towed by a family car.


Heavy-duty off-road capability

Air OPUS® is equipped to handle tough Australian off-road conditions as part of its “tough luxury” design and specification.

It has a galvanised chassis and independent coil spring suspension with dual shock absorbers, plus angled rear bodywork for steep approach and departure angles. Off-road wheels and tyres handle unmade 4WD tracks

A standard front stone guard protects the body and robust interior finishes cope with the rigors of bush camping.

Benefit: Ability to travel easily to remote camping spots well off the beaten track for genuine outback camping without fear of damaging the camper.


Luxurious standard equipment

Air OPUS® delivers the luxury part of its “tough luxury” design philosophy with caravan-like comfort and convenience.

High density foam mattresses ensure comfortable sleep, while the slide-out kitchen has a four-burner stove, stainless steel work surfaces and electric-powered tap and lighting.

Standard equipment includes twin electric water pumps, DVD stereo-radio, portable toilet, outdoor shower, illuminated fridge and storage boxes, numerous internal and external 12 volt and 240 volt outlets, privacy tents for each main bed and LED lighting throughout.

Benefit: Caravan luxury with the size, light weight and modest price of a compact camper trailer.


Retro-fittable to previous OPUS® models

The Air OPUS® inflatable tent can be retro-fitted to any OPUS®, right back to the original OPUS® Mark I from 2014. It is designed to suit OPUS® models in Australia, the UK, USA, Europe and South Africa.

The corresponding Air Annexe can be fitted to any Air OPUS® tent and comes in two types to suit differing global requirements: a larger version for Australia and a more compact one for other markets.

Benefit: Existing OPUS® owners around the world can upgrade to Air OPUS® specification without the cost of buying a whole new camper.

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