• Chris Connell Design
  • King & Godfree
  • Hutchinson Builders


Agostino is an Italian wine bar and store in the heart of Carlton. Referencing the old restaurants of Italy, Agostino is welcoming with its pared back design yet rich palette of materials. With its high ceiling and small footprint we provided varied zones to dine and drink, be it at the bar of marble and patinated copper, the long tall backed leather banquette or tucked away behind the entry amongst a wall of wine. The selected materials of terrazzo floor, stitched leather banquette, dark patinated copper, mouth blown glass pendants and etched glass shopfront all echo a distinct diamond pattern.

Key Features


Agostino explores materials and celebrates their inherent qualities. Steel shelving painted in a primer grey has an industrial quality while the rich patinated copper façade and bar counter combined with honed Carrara marble and natural oak emphasises local craftsmanship while adding to the rich palette. Polished plaster walls almost velvet like contrast against the robust terrazzo concrete floor with copper detailing. The curves in the ceiling evoke classical proportions accentuating the height. Exploring these familiar materials and rearranging them provides one with a new experience.


Exploring the diamond pattern as a common thread expressed in the different materials is unique to the interior. Found in the etched glass of the hanging pendants, copper inlay of the concrete floor, stitching in the leather banquettes and the privacy film to the shopfront window. Innovation is in the choreography of this pattern through the different materials, the confidence in the line drawn.

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