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Principals worked with AGL to refresh their brand identity, bringing sustainability and customer experience into focus for Australia’s biggest (and oldest) energy provider.

With a bold new strategy – to shape the future of energy for all Australians – and a customer experience transformation underway, AGL needed a new identity to bring it all to life.

To achieve this, Principals built on the idea of putting power in the hands of the people – bringing innovation and humanity together. The new identity gives AGL a platform to tell their story, and positions them as a genuine leader in the sector.


Key Features


A digital led brand that’s flexible enough to work in corporate and retail contexts. It’s energetic and approachable, while maintaining a sense of expertise and authority.


A new voice that’s straightforward yet conversational, with a touch of Aussie charm, helps AGL connect with customers on a more genuine level – and stand out in the crowd.


It’s too early to see the full benefits, but the rebrand has inspired new optimism within the organisation as they reshape not just the business but the future of energy.

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