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AGL is pushing the boundaries with products that challenge how they supply and how we use energy now and in to the future.

One of those products is Virtual Solar.

Not everyone can install solar panels on their roof. It can be hard to save with solar if you’re a renter, live in an apartment or your roof isn’t suitable for a rooftop system.

To help solve this problem, AGL developed Virtual Solar. A new way to help more Australians enjoy some of the financial benefits of going solar, without installing a single panel.

Key Features


As with any innovation, customer understanding of a new concept is crucial to engagement. AGL had traditionally struggled to articulate the concept of Virtual Solar to their customers in a way that was engaging and clear.

Hive created an educational video which gave context to their product through a fictional character – Sofie.

We brought Sofie to life through an animation style which set a foundation for how AGL’s new brand is now articulated in motion.


The video led campaign was a huge success with a 40% open rate and the average user watching 88% of the 2 minute video.


Using a character based construct to communicate new and complicated products now forms the basis of all motion communication at AGL.

The new AGL brand lacked guidance on motion animation. This video has given clarity on the design aesthetic and movement attributes for the AGL brand whenever applied in motion.

And is now the foundation on how to bring the AGL brand to life.


Energy as a topic is generally dry, couple this with a product that is hard to understand and customers disconnect.

By humanising the brand through character animation we were able to enhance the user’s experience whilst educating them in a clear, simple and engaging way.


– Setting a brand standard for motion.
– Establishing a communication construct for new products.
– Humanising the AGL brand.

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