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The Agilent Cary 7000 Universal Measurement Spectrophotometer (UMS) is an analytical scientific instrument used for research, development, manufacturing and quality control processes essential in the production of advanced materials including optics, thin films/coatings, solar and glass.

These technologies touch our lives at multiple points every day; like clean power from solar panels; insulative window films for buildings or vehicles; responsive smartphone touchscreens; or high performance cameras and projector lens coatings that produce high clarity images.

The Cary 7000 uses a unique and literally revolutionary detection design to provide market-leading flexibility and rapid materials analysis measurements.

Key Features


Design Innovation: A radical rethink to make everything revolve around the sample

Traditional spectrophotometers have a fixed sample platform and detection. This arrangement severely restricts the number/types of measurements which can be undertaken without laborious manual adjustments.

The Mulgrave R&D team literally put the sample at the centre of the optical detection process; transforming the user experience and analysis possibilities.

Technically this is achieved by its unique optical encoder which orbits around the sample located on a huge 280mm diameter turntable. This 360 degree sampling enables it to measure without disturbing the sample, something that is impossible with traditional approaches.


Design Impact: Tangible user benefits and competitive performance advantage

The end benefit of this ‘revolutionary’ detection and sample handling approach enables scientists to create experiments that were never before possible

The Cary 7000 provides unparalleled efficiency; increasing a lab’s throughput and dramatically lowering the cost per analysis. For example the automated sample turntable can perform operations in seconds which would otherwise take hours or days. The instrument can even run unattended, including overnight.

For Agilent, this instrument validates their Victorian R&D’s and product design capabilities to create world-leading technologies which retain their company’s dominance within global analytical instrumentation markets.


Design excellence: Functional design solving user needs

The instrument’s mechanical design is extremely robust to suit most punishing physical environments. Its turntable can carry up to 7kg, whilst the orbitally moving, high-resolution optical encoder is both tough and accurate to 0.02 degrees.

The sample module’s lightproof door has been designed for maximum user accessibility for sample and filter positioning. Its friction hinges dampen close to prevent operators’ fingers being caught during use. In addition the lightweight sample cover has liftpoints and quick release catches to be easily lifted off when occasional oversized samples need to be measured.


Design transformation: Strategic use of user-centred design

Over CobaltNiche’s 15 year design partnership with Agilent, their approach has matured where user-centred design guides the product development process and is championed from their CEO down.

The product’s all new covers visually align with other instruments developed from Agilent’s global R&D sites.

More fundamentally, the Cary 7000 is the most advanced model of a 60 year line of optical instrumentation and reflects the founder’s philosophy that his instruments be designed “for investigators who on occasion must push a spectrophotometer to the very limits of its performance capability to obtain the information they need”.

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