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The Agile table is a team table designed to reinvent the way we interact in the workplace. The Agile Table embodies the methodology of agile working in one setting; it supports both focused concentration and dynamic collaboration and allows a seamless transition between the two work modes. It is a brand new typology of furniture designed to facilitate the spontaneous forming and reforming of diverse interactions in the workplace today.

Key Features


The industry saw a gap in the market for an adjustable team table that acted as an agile meeting point. The Agile Table’s intent is to activate space by creating a multi-functional, flexible work point that supports diverse task requirements.The full spectrum commercial exposure that Malkoski and Stanaway have coupled with their broad portfolio of international corporate clients gave the duo the insight they required to develop a product that was missing in the market.


The Agile Table is a brand new product that Schiavello has only recently launched; it has not yet penetrated the market but is picking up traction quickly due to its unique cognitive brief and socio environmental value. With the experience and knowledge that Malkoksi and Stanaway share of the current and future workplace, The Agile Table is designed to align with the emerging methodologies that cross sector businesses are currently adopting (or set to adopt).

It has, however, been implemented into the Schiavello HQ in Tullamarine and has inspired cross-collaboration between different departments, ultimately assisting in the pursuit of creativity that it intends. Engineering, design and marketing are three different disciplines within Schiavello that wanted to strengthen their line of communication and collaboration and a team table and neutral agile meeting point has been the answer for this.


Design plays a fundamental role in our business, from designing solutions, designing beautiful products to designing experiences.
At the core of our brand and business is design thinking, which defines the quality of outcome Schiavello strive for.


Malkokski and Stanaway synthesised their experience in both organisational psychology and cutting edge workplace design to develop the Agile Table brief before engaging the Schiavello Design Studio to develop and realise it. The Agile Table concept was developed from a deep understanding of the professional landscape and it’s ever changing nature. The objective of The Agile Table was to develop a flexible team table that could support the diverse ways in which we work today, somewhere to host both focused concentration and dynamic collaboration of various tone and formality; a product that would foster the creative pursuit.

The table’s height adjustability prompts movement throughout the day, supporting employees physically. But the Agile Table also uniquely supports people psychologically by enabling a seamless transition from group to independent work, supporting the information exchange from Sensory Memory (extracted in collaborative work) to Working Memory (retained in independent work); providing employees the with the tools to be the best working self.


The Agile Table is freestanding, not fixed to the ground and it has open-able shroud doors in the legs of the under-structure which are packed with 200kgs of 10kg photography bags for stability and neat cable reticulation which sits within the cable tray.
The future of the Agile Table is to electronically adjust from sit to stand as there will be access to power internally within the ‘totem cap’.

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