AFL Victoria Growing the Heartland Strategy 2014-2020


  • MOS Design Creative
  • insideEDGE


“Growing the Heartland” is the key strategic football facilities planning document at the state level.

This Strategy guides AFL Victoria’s investment in regional/league facility planning to 2020. It also outlines key requirements to ensure the continued growth of the sport.

Having enormous amount of text and statistical data, it was important for this document to be easy to read so that it appealed to their stakeholders.

MOS Design Creative designed this 31-page document creatively, and presented the data and strategies in a highly visual manner, making it appealing and pleasurable to read.

Key Features


The AFL Victoria considers its brands to be its most important long-term asset. Therefore consistency with the AFL Victoria’s brandmark was essential and one of the key features of this document.

MOS Design Creative used a vibrant colour combo of red and navy (AFL Vic’s corporate colours) as the main design element. The colours were used throughout the document, including for the statistical data such as maps and graphs.


“Growing the Heartland” strategy contained enormous amount of text.

The use of tables, maps, pie charts and graphs were proven to be effective in presenting the complex data in a clear and concise way.

They improved reader’s comprehension, making the “chunky” document easily digested by readers.


A picture is worth a thousand words. To make the document look highly visual, we selected footy-related pictures and used them throughout document.

Most of these pictures were chosen because they were full of emotions – joy in victories, unity of a team and desperation.

These emotion-filled pictures helped readers connect with the content, and made the document engaging.


“Growing the Heartland” strategy provides a planned approach to the provision of infrastructure across the state, with a focus on establishing state-wide planning systems and strategic directions to 2020. AFL Victoria’s investment in regional / league facility planning will be guided by the Strategy, supported by Region / League Plans and Master Plans at some clubs / venues.

insideEDGE takes pride in producing high quality, visually impressive and appealing work. “Growing the Heartland” met this criteria. Furthermore, as they were developing the document for a leading state sporting association, it ultimately benefits their business outcomes.


Since its release, AFL Victoria had received positive feedback regarding the document and its presentation.

It reinforced AFL Victoria’s image as a leader not only within football ranks but across state and national sporting organisations.

Their investment in the high level, well-produced document also indicated their commitment to the Strategy as a whole. They were prepared to develop a document that will form the direction of football infrastructure investment over the next 6 years.

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