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Affix Magazine is a new biannual, independent publication orientated around urban design, planning, diverse community and sustainable development. Affix is proudly conceived, designed, and printed and Melbourne, the world’s most liveable city; highlighting case studies and stories from an international group of contributing writers and artists. The goal of Affix is to connect ideas from around the world to inspire positive change, whilst contributing to the independent publishing scene that is quintessential to Melbourne. The pilot issue of Affix was released in February 2015, after which the design and branding were reconsidered for Volume 2. The latest issue is orientated around the idea of ’Creativity & the City’ – thus discussing the influence of design upon our urban landscapes.

Key Features


Branding and redesign
The design of Volume 02 of Affix magazine is confident and bold, with many complex layers and sections for readers to discover on closer inspection. Inspired by the grids and architectural plans of cities, the magazine is seemingly eclectic and chaotic, with an underlying logic. Various sections of the magazine relating to architecture, transport, travel are treated individually through the mixed use of pattern, photography and illustration.


Designed for the urban reader
The smaller sizing of the magazine enables it to be carried with the reader wherever they go. We have also left room for people to sketch their thoughts and ideas at the back of the magazine, encouraging the reader to interact with the pages and use their inner-creativity to express themselves. Affix aspires to be informative and challenging, whilst being approachable both in content and format.

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