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Since 1987 Aesop has believed that good design is integral in everything that we do. As a vertically integrated business we have incorporated design thinking in all functions from R&D through to retail sales. We honestly believe that design can make a real difference not only from a business perspective but also in the lives of our customers, employees and the communities in which we operate. When making decisions, design is almost always a key determinate of the outcome and our Creative Director participates in decisions across many areas of the business that ‘design’ personnel are normally omitted.

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Design and aesthetic continuity across the business. Our offices, warehouses and stores all have a similar design look – this has an important influence on our culture across the globe. There shouldn\’t be a \’back end\’ and \’front end\’ of the business. Through design we have been able to integrate the cultures of our business so that everyone feels part of the same culture whether you are in retail or a head office or in Melbourne or another office on the other side of the world.


Individually designed Aesop retail stores. Stores that connect to the communities in which they are located and are not just seen as mass chain stores despite their number (more than 100) across the globe. Retail has an important part to play in the integration and development of local communities but too many retailers are \’takers\’ rather than \’givers\’. We believe that design is an important component to this and through good, local design we can actively become a stronger part of the communities in which we operate.


Marketing and promotional campaigns supporting design and craftsmanship (e.g. to raise people’s consciousness of the fields. We work closely with an array of internal and external designers and craftspeople. By integrating their work into gift kits and other products we can give them a showcase from which to display their talents.


Products designed to focus on product efficacy whilst taking into consideration design aesthetics. Aesop pioneered the use of brown glass jars to focus on the preserving the products rather than appealing to customer\’s sense of what is luxury. Since then our product design has remained true to its core and is now seen as a design icon in bathrooms and kitchens around the world.


To ensure that we have appropriate capabilities in house we\’ve recruited graphic designers, architects, product designers, industrial designers, copywriters and many other design professionals throughout our teams in Australia and abroad. We also regularly have design professionals come into our office and speak to our staff and make them really feel part of and connected to this world.

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