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The innovative AERO dual roller shade system, offers an aesthetically pleasing and technologically advanced solution for manually operated rollers shades. Two blinds are controlled with one single chain or alternatively via the weight bar for a chain-free solution. With one simple touch, blinds can be raised to your preferred pre-set location. The Semi-Automatic functionality, performing an auto rise and manual lowering, is complemented by patented top and bottom limit settings for a refined user experience. Colour coded hardware and pretension adjustment features allow quick and easy fabrication, whilst the chain-free AERO shades offer the ultimate in child safety.

Key Features


1) One single chain to control two blinds.
Dual blinds are becoming increasingly popular as they offer both a light filtering and block out solution for improved light and temperature management in the home. Current dual blinds on the market suffer from having two chains to control the two blinds. This results in tangled chains or chains at opposing ends of the blind, and frustrated end users. AERO’s design solves this by using one chain to control both blinds. Front segment of the chain controls the front blind and the rear chain controls the rear blind.


2) Semi-automatic function
A standard roller blind is manually raised and lowered by a constant pulling action to the chain. AERO provides semi-automatic functionality without the need or cost of motorisation. The blind is manually lowered and raised with a light pull of either the chain or weight bar. The ascent is controlled with an internal decelerator ensuring a smooth action.


3) Child Safety
Child safety is a growing issue for the window furnishing industry, and at Rollease Acmeda we are committed to designing innovative solutions which ensure our children are safe around shades. Having a single chain allows improved chain retention (industry regulation), however the chain-free AERO removes the chain completely and provides the ultimate child safe solution. The blind is controlled via the weight bar with the same simple one touch operation.


4) One touch limit setting.
The AERO system allows the top and bottom limit positions to be set, preventing the weight bar from clashing into the cassette or window sill. Patented technology allows this limit to be set and adjusted with the push of button, a feature designed to allow for easy adjustments whilst reducing fabrication and installation time.


5) Contemporary Cassette
The contemporary AERO Dual cassette is 30% smaller in size than existing solutions. Completed with colour matched covers and slimline mounting clips for a seamless look with minimal light gap. Pretension adjustment of the internal boosters can be done externally, again reducing installation time and preventing damage of the fabric. Anti-rattle design features provide quite operation.

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