Adonis: The Herb Series


  • Weili Zhong
  • RMIT University


This project was done for a Luxury Packaging studio at RMIT. The category that we must work within is skincare and cosmetics.

Adonis is a greek male skincare brand that produces organic, natural products that target men specific skincare issues. Adonis believes in creating effective products by choosing the very best naturally-derived ingredients that do not commission tests on animals. We want men to care as much about what they put on their skin as the food they eat.

Key Features


All design elements of the packaging align with these two keywords: Greece and Herbs. The pattern that wraps around the inner box illustrates the main herb ingredients, Sage and Rosemary. The blue signifies that the products help with hydration while linking back to its origin, Greece. 

A booklet is also included in the box to allow users to understand the brand, product as well as how to use the smudge stick provided in the box. 
Booklet available on Scribd:


There are many trends in the beauty industry that are driving growth and revenue. One of them would be men’s products and services. This trend is still relatively new and is expected to drive growth for years to come but is growing at a fast pace which represents an important opportunity.

The male niche skincare market is loyal, thus, a premium price can be charged to these products. 42% of men now use gender-specific products and 74% of men are keen personal care shoppers. However, this market still lacks sophistication when compared to the female beauty market. Men are starting to get into skincare regimes, thus, Adonis believes that it is time for the market to see more sophisticated products that target men’s skin types and issues.


Since Adonis: The Herb Series is a luxury product, tactility was greatly considered to make sure the aesthetic of the product aligns with its price. A clear varnish logo is printed on a matte paper stock to create contrast in texture. Tracing paper is added in the box for tactility while creating suspense for consumers. The brand’s mission is also printed on the tracing paper to allow users to understand the brand further.

A smudge stick is provided in the box to give the packaging a herb smell that aligns with the herb series. It is also included to strengthen the heritage of the brand, as smudging was often used by ancient Greek to clear negative energy. This encourages the user to not only take care of their physical appearance but also their mental well-being. The booklet provided in the packaging further explains to users the purpose of smudge sticks and the products.

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