Adapt Collection


  • Ross Gardam


Flexible, inviting and productive, the Adapt collection of lounges and accessories are designed to evolve with the dynamic needs of today’s workspace. The collection allows seamless integration into interiors and is focused on creating functional and value driven environments. Adapt is compact but provides a high level of comfort with its well defined internal proportions.

Key Features


The clean lines and subtle surfaces of the Adapt bring a softness and sense of the familiar into the workspace. Offering a diverse range of possible compositions ensures a cohesive design language can be created in any fit-out. Adapt is made in Melbourne and was designed by Ross Gardam to perfectly service multiple sectors and applications.


The design intent was to ‘create a functional commercial product with residential junctions’. The breadth of functionality is a response to the demanding and complex environments of use. With the ever changing demands of workspaces, Adapt is designed to transform with the individual needs of the space. Adapt’s modular nature allows components to be easily reconfigured, creating solutions now and for the future.


Based around five core elements with an economical base unit, each can sit alone or combine to create larger spaces in straight or curved configurations. The elements can be added to by simply attaching arms, backs, mid-height or full-height screens, desks and tables, creating near limitless possibilities.


A truly modular system with functionality at its core, Adapt caters for offices, receptions, universities, airports and hospitality spaces. Conceived for both small and large open-plan spaces, the collection can transform from small booths for study to large team training areas and anything in-between.


A 50mm radius is used throughout to soften the overall appearance and to make the collection approachable and inviting. An overstated French seam features heavily to bring a relaxed nature to the overall design.

With the addition of a mid-height screen the Adapt transforms into a more private space, a haven in busy environments. The option of a full-height screen creates total visual privacy and can provide a refuge for study and concentration.

Each screen features nodes enabling a simple installation process while creating a defined visual language that continues through to the lounge, table and desk legs.

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