Active Travel Zone @ The Alfred


  • Robert Nichol and sons
  • The Alfred
  • ByDesign Construction Group
  • Inkbomb Studios


The Alfred’s new bike facility, by Robert Nichol and sons, seeks to improve the experience of current staff who ride to work, and to attract new users.
The facility’s design was preceded by extensive surveys and focus group testing, to understand the profile of users and ensure the build met their needs.
The design captures the hospital’s ethos of preventing health issues before they occur, by encouraging exercise through bike riding to work.
Natural timbers and colour were used to create a unique hub for riders, and help foster a cycling community at The Alfred.

Key Features


These include:

• Adaptive re-use of an existing carpark to provide a healthy travel alternative

• Conversion of 18 car spaces into 300 bike parks, lockers and amenities block – all within a single unified facility.
• Use of distinctive architectural form, contrasting materials and colour to promote facility
• Prominent position within the carparking precinct to encourage staff to consider riding to work.
• A genuine alternative to driving to work that gives users valuable exercise while also, in many cases, reducing the work commute.
• The detailed design process has provided the spatial and technical information to be re used at other Alfred Health locations.

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