ACMI Year in Review 2013


  • ACMI Design Studio
  • Australian Centre for the Moving Image


The Year in Review is the primary way that The Australian Centre for the Moving Image connect’s with key stakeholders, international peers and partners, sharing news with those who’ve have helped ACMI to achieve and exceed it’s objectives. It is also a powerful piece of communication that convey’s the breadth, depth and dynamism of ACMI’s cultural offer. The 2012/13 edition was also required to do two very important things – communicate a refreshed visual identity, and commemorate our 10th birthday.

Key Features


The key purpose of the piece was to engage and stimulate stakeholder interest in order to provide ongoing and future support. The dynamic design and materiality of the piece provided both the distinctiveness and interest required and evoked a very positive reaction in its intended audience. The short run coupled with digital printing techniques allowed the designer to explore unusual processes and substrates without compromising the relatively small budget. In addition the ‘animated’ slipcase provided an exciting entry point whilst evoking the materiality of 35mm film and of course the moving image itself.

Youtube / Vimeo

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