ACMI x RMIT Merchandise Collaboration 2018


  • ACMI
  • RMIT


For the second year in a row, ACMI have teamed up with RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design) students to create an exclusive range of ACMI merchandise. The project supports the next generation of Australian design talent, providing the students with valuable experience in the merchandising process from concept to execution.

Students were able to bring their unique Textile Design expertise in the form of material understandings and pattern repeat techniques that resulted in a sophisticated and graphic collection of products, reflecting the diversity of meaning relating to videogames, coding & VR.

Key Features


ACMI Design and Retail managers worked with RMIT lecturers and students, briefing in the project and offering students feedback on their work throughout the project which helped them refine their designs and gain an understanding of what’s required in the workforce.

The entire collaboration has been incredibly positive and enormously encouraging for these emerging designers, who will soon embrace the commercial world. As a government funded institution, the end goal was to create a profit for ACMI’s Shop, which would then be poured back into support for ACMI’s programs.


Beginning in 2017, the commercial success of this project means this is now an ongoing collaboration between ACMI and RMIT.

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