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Ace Karts is an outdoor racing operator established in Melbourne in 1994. With digital technology becoming central to the customer journey, Ace Karts needed a new website that went beyond product information and online bookings. The new website needed to enhance the overall racing experience.

Digital360 worked alongside Ace Karts to deliver this vision. The new site is now a central touchpoint in the customer journey – setting new standards in the industry. Since launch, there has been a 40 per cent reduction in shopping cart abandonment and a 22 per cent increase in total sales (August year-on-year analytics data).

Key Features


Challenge: Allow competition racers to check their team’s performance.

Solution: Competition racing portal.

Description: This is a central destination for competition racers – an important customer segment for Ace Karts. Emphasising the competitive aspect of the experience is critical to engaging this user type and building long-term customer loyalty.  Under ‘Competition Racing’ in the race options, users can view their team’s place in the competition and view upcoming rounds. Race ‘recaps’ are then written and published on the company blog, ‘Race HQ’.

Outcome: This solution generates recurring revenue by building customer loyalty.


Challenge: Allow racers to view the lap times online.

Solution: Real-time race leaderboards.

Description: When it comes to racing, it’s all about lap times. This competitive aspect is a central part of the website design strategy and user experience. First, race data are recorded using kart hardware. The data is then uploaded and published to online leaderboards, all in real-time. The ‘Hall of Fame’ is where users can see the month’s fastest racer, as well as the record holders.

Outcome: This solution positions Ace Karts as a premium operator by adding value to the customer experience.


Challenge: Showcase the racetrack through a digital experience.

Solution: Video content and interactive functionality.

Description: The large outdoor racetrack is key USP for the Ace Karts brand. Bringing it to ‘life’ in a digital experience was a key design consideration. By showcasing the track on the website with a unique ‘heads-up’ tutorial video and interactive map, we could offer tips to both new racers and seasoned veterans alike.

Outcome: This solution assists new and recurring revenue by adding value to the pre-sales experience.


Challenge: Showcase the vehicles through a digital experience.

Solution: Kart showcase pages.

Description: The Ace Karts vehicles are not regular go-karts. They’re high-performance racing machines and a key business USP. Inspired by performance car websites, showcase pages were created for each kart type. This design includes high-resolution images of sporty features, performance specifications, and a 360-degree view of the racing machine in all its glory.

Outcome: This solution assists new revenue by adding trust, credibility and fun to the pre-sales experience.


Challenge: Help new users pick the right race package.

Solution: Race package quiz.

Description: Customers new to the Ace Karts experience are looking for a left-of-centre entertainment experience. This simple quiz helps new users choose a racing package matched to their needs and drive conversions. It features as a final call-to-action for users who scroll to the end of primary pages – such as the home page, where up to 90 per cent of site traffic lands.

Outcome: This solution drives website conversion rates by capturing users who need extra assistance.

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