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Arnold Bloch Leibler (ABL) took a leap of faith with the design of its website, daring to break the mould of legal industry conservatism. The result is a site that truly represents the brand and balances forward-thinking contemporary design and user experience. The site also manages to cater for a diverse audience, from potential and existing clients, to media and young digital-native law graduates. The result of these improvements has been a decrease in bounce rate of almost 30%, and an increase in time on site of 28%. Pageviews are also up 15.5%, indicating an increase in on-site engagement.

Key Features


1. Overall Look and Feel
ABL’s new website uses accents of colour, custom photography and uncluttered design that aligns with the firm’s premium brand. The new style and colour palette represents a distinct departure from the firm’s pre-existing visual language and has been exceptionally well received by users and internal stakeholders.


2. Information Architecture
The site redevelopment has resulted in a structure that reflects the way users (eg. clients, media, law students, employees) categorise legal services. The new site also allows people to more easily find related content. Relationships have been created between the ‘People’, ‘Expertise’ and ‘Insights & News’ pages, enabling the user to access information that is relevant in the context of their journey.

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