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The Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy is a multidisciplinary national professional body for health and other professionals interested in the practice, research and training of established and emerging evidence-based behavioural and cognitive therapies.

The requirements of the project were:
– A clean and professional design consistent with AACBT’s new branding and organisational values.
– To house all of the organisations’ memberships and membership registration details.
– To manage payment of all of AACBT’s events.
– Migration of all content and user database from the previous AACBT website.
– Deliver a responsive website that performs exceptionally on mobile devices.

Key Features


Technical Highlights

– Multiple technologies utilised to meet the project brief.
– Custom CSS and SVG animations.
– Dynamic content rendering.
– jQuery JS and less Framework utilised for front-end animations, dynamic content and user interface.
– Customised subscription WordPress plugin utilised for membership registrations and membership custom grace period.
-Extended and customised WooCommerce platform to meet event pricing variation and custom display of event pricing.
– Custom built newsletter email functionality with custom built filtering functions to target sending of newsletter to user database.
– Custom built reporting functionality and integrated into WordPress CMS.
– Custom built MYOB integration.



– WordPress CMS was used due to it being open sourced, ease of use for the client and for its robust features.
– WooCommerce perfectly extends WordPress CMS for e-commerce capability and we thoroughly customised it to meet the project needs.
– SecureAPI was utilised via an XML request and responds to messages and can be run on any platform and in any programming language.
– The newsletter email system uses the Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), a cost-effective email service built on the reliable and scalable infrastructure that developed.


Special Features

– Membership registration and renewal via e-commerce credit card payments.
– Four levels of membership. Users and members’ ability edit contact and accreditation details after login.
– Create and send newsletter emails from the user database.
– Preview system to preview newsletter prior to sending.
– Ability to target newsletter email after filtering membership database by fields.
– Varied event pricing dependant on membership level(s).
– Event registration via requesting invoices (automatic generated invoices) which will be processed manually by AACBT staff.
– Generation of event attendance reports (eg: membership, location).
– MYOB AccountRight 2015.3 integration.

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