A Manual For Photography


  • Ruby Aitken


‘A Manual For Photography’ was an Honours project based around the learning of manual photography combined with the principles of information design. The final outcome was an A1 folded poster.

When asking the question: ‘Through information design, how might one educate and effectively communicate the fundamentals of manual photography?’ I was able to explore the ways communication design can assist how we digest and retain information. I wanted to share my passion for photography with everyone that never had the chance, or found it too difficult to learn the fundamentals and get inspired by this great invention.

Key Features


This photography poster was created:

To explore navigation and the ways in which information is presented and the principles that make for a clear design. Through usage of grids, numeric navigation and a strong type hierarchy.

To investigate alternatives to the book format when presenting educational/instructional material. To provide a lightweight portable alternative and potential interactive version as a prototype.

To develop an invaluable educational aid for beginners of any age group, so that students can understand the basics of photography and retain this information as a basis for their further learning in this area.

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