A Lasting Imprint


  • Denise Chippindale Designs


I feel that creating a mark is really important for any designer and it is one of my main aims to leave a mark of individuality, creativity and to set mysef apart from peers and
other designers.

For my promotional piece, the whole look and feel is all about craftsmanship and how I want to leave an imprint on the design industry.

Key Features


Craftsmanship: For my promotion piece, the whole look and feel is all about craftsmanship and how I personally want to leave apart of the design industry and my potential bosses. The first impressions of a designer can have a large impact on how they are seen throughout the design industry and I feel that this piece really depicts me as a designer through my love of detail, typography and craftsmanship.


Innovation: I wanted the piece to be a high quality piece that the receiver would want to keep. In having this aim, I decided early on that I wanted to boxes to be made purely of wood. The reason for this is the durability, look and feel of the design, and when the user received the piece, there was that element of surprise and sophistican to the piece. Many clients are time restricted influencing my decision the make this piece as useful and meaningful as possible.


Aesthetics & User Journey
The first kit designed was a sliding lid concept that allows the user to read a certain tagline and be able to be welcomed into a box full of creative tools, representing the theme of leaving ones mark on the world. I felt that having a wooden box as the basis and hallmark of the kit, would really influence the user to actually keep the box and contents and be able to use it and view it on occassion.

The reason I really loved the sliding lid concept was that I hadn’t seen it all that often and that it would create a stronger user experience having something slide open than just opening the lid. The sliding lid also acts as a great canvas that I could either imprint my tagline through methods such as stamping, laser etching or just applying vinyl stickers.

The contents of the box is pretty simple. A set of Chrome metal letters that allowed the user to be able to customise stamp certain mediums and play around with a older method of design. The reason I love the metal punch stamps was that they really reflected imprinting and I feel that many designers always look for new ways of creating things. When I say new, I mean a refreshing take of design and I feel an older method such as letter press is really on trend, and these smaller punch sets are a great thing to cherish.

Within the kit contains a booklet that carries on this craftsmanship theme, using strong typography and a simple layout to achieve simplicity and a level of sophistication.


Design Transformation.
The Lasting Imprint Kit has had a real benefit to my personal freelancing business in the sense that it has really intrigued many of my current clients as well as influencing new clients that have come aboard. Since I am heavily associated with brand identity and print design, this theme and mark I have created has given the clients a confidence in me to achieve the same level of success in their own brands. Financially, it can not be calculated but in terms of client acceptance and admiration, I feel it has added a richness to my brand that I’m extremely proud of.

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