A covering in the field of wearable technology.


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ANDREW™ by ANDREW WILLIAMS® is an innovative fashion brand always pushing the boundaries of design by creating unique innovative designs. The present design relates to the field of wearable technology. More particularly, the present innovation is directed towards a covering for attenuating microorganism(s). This innovative design will set a new benchmark in the field of wearable technology, and also limit textile waste, thus also contributing towards a sustainable circular economy.

The Commissioner of Patents has granted the patent (Patent number: 2020101945) on 16 September 2020, and applications for protection in various jurisdictions around the world are being prepared.

Key Features


Traditionally coverings such as disposable gloves, gowns and personal protective equipment (PPE) are worn to protect the health care worker(s) or any other persons to prevent infection from blood or airborne microorganisms, but microorganisms deposited and/or passing through such covering have potential to infect others on contact.

The present innovation is directed towards design of a cover for attenuating microorganism(s) to limit the flow of microorganism(s) through the cover and reduce deposition of microorganism(s) on surface of the cover by inducing biocompatible electric current to the wearable electrodes mounted on the covering thereby ensuring safety and prevention from harmful micro-organisms.


The present innovation is directed towards a unique design of a covering for attenuating microorganism(s) that makes a positive impact from a social, environmental and commercial perspective due to some of the following reasons:
• The new design can be made from biodegradable materials.
• The new design attenuates microorganisms, thus, rendering the covering sterile and reusable for health care workers and any person in a close contact setting.
• The new design leads to sustainable waste management and circular economy.
• The production of the new design will create opportunity for businesses and employment in the Victorian economy and export opportunities for Australia.


This new design will lead to the development of innovative wearable items of clothing which can contribute towards control of various viruses, including Coronavirus, thereby improving health and wellbeing of millions of people around the world.

This innovative design can boost exports via licensing arrangement worldwide and advance the profession of design worldwide and contribute to the reputation and status of Victoria’s design and creative culture.


During the current COVID-19 pandemic, various individuals and organisations are trying to find solutions to the problem of control and spread of a highly infectious Coronavirus that at the time of writing this paper has already infected over 34 million people and has led to deaths of over 1.01 million people worldwide.

To assist in solving these problems and reducing waste created by billions of disposable PPE items, this new design of re-usable covering can be used to provide innovative solutions including but not limited to:
• Face coverings
• Hospital bed covers
• Filters
• Dressings
• Gowns


Submission of this patent to COVID Pledge is being prepared to make this intellectual property available free of charge for use in ending the COVID-19 pandemic and minimizing the impact of the disease until the World Health Organization declares the COVID-19 Pandemic to have ended.

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