888 Collins St. Lighting


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Adherettes pioneered a revolutionary LED lighting product that sits at the heart of one of Melbourne’s most transformative architectural landmarks to date: 888 Collins Street.

Effectively an interactive public art installation, this illuminated facade responds to prevailing weather, will define Docklands’ identity, is an Australian first and the largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

The product was developed in response to the challenges posed by the design of lighting designer Bruce Ramus. To bring the concept to life. Adherettes worked closely with Bruce, as well as architects, facade engineers, electrical engineers and builders, to make his design reality.

Key Features


LED Lighting
The revolutionary, new LED lighting fixture and system that Adherettes developed for 888 Collins Street is completely integrated into the building’s architectural facade.

Comprising an area of 5,500m2, the system incorporates 2.4km of custom-designed LED lighting fixtures – featuring some 348,920 individual LEDs – that cover 888 Collins Street’s facade.

While there are many, the main benefits are twofold. Firstly, the use of this innovative system enhances the architectural surface of the building, providing a unique sense of visual identity for the building itself. Secondly, the illuminated facade can be monitored and updated both quickly and remotely.


Custom-Built System
The entire 5,500m2 lighting unit has been completely customised to rise to the unique challenges posed by Bruce Ramus’ design and this specific project, including circuitry, light layout, the orientation of componentry and importantly, fixture design. Along with significant R&D from the outset, this custom design had to continually evolve as the building itself evolved during the construction phase.

The result is a building that is truly one of kind, with its own unique identity that further enhances and underpins Melbourne’s unique cultural identity and aesthetic.


Smart Power Usage
The LED lighting system’s intelligent design incorporates solar power. With the facade’s 5,500m2 surface area in mind, this ensures that the LED facade consumes significantly less energy than that of typical digital displays.

It is calculated to use 20Kwh when running at 100 percent capacity. To put this in perspective: when running at 20 percent capacity, it uses virtually the same amount of energy required to power a standard 48″ advertising billboard.

In all, this important design feature plays a vital role in reducing 888 Collins Street’s carbon footprint and helping to make the building self-sustaining.

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