720 Bourke Street Wayfinding Solution


  • Adherettes


A digital wayfinding solution and branded signage produced for corporate building, 720 Bourke Street reflects and integrates with the building fabric. Contours, curves and layered organic geometric forms inspired the project. The concept required deep consideration of employee behaviour to obtain insights and create a solution able to simplify navigation. The design concept called for a high-end product that is visually seamless, able to be formed, layered and illuminated. Corian was used for the digital wayfinding solution while fabricated aluminium was used for the signage. Post installation a significant shift in behaviour has occurred and the building experience has improved.

Key Features


The wayfinding solution curves to a point and subtly navigates people towards the elevators. As the sign curves, it evolves into a green LED light wash which focuses attention to the static menu.

Behavioural insights ensured the design addressed a core problem and has transformed the management of the space.

Product experimentation resulted in the development of a fully integrated LED illuminated logo, which when switched off, is completely invisible.

All fixings and LED modules of the 720 sign were concealed resulting in a seamless finish. This reduces the risk of tampering that could affect structural integrity.

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