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The team of Mirvac, Grimshaw Architects and Swinburne University are proud to present the 664 Media Wall. The unique collaboration brings together the construction industry and academia to create a set distinctive works by Swinburne Design shown on the unprecedented format of Australia’s largest high-resolution screen. The artworks explore human and environmental themes of “lifecycle” and to “render the invisible, visible”. These abstract ideas are given dynamic visual expression through the platform of digital media. The digital concepts reference weather patterns, climate change, the cosmos, biological systems, building data, macro-photography, sensor driven visualisations and physical and social network traffic.

Key Features


The 664 Media Wall is a massive a public artwork and a principle design element, forming part of the overall Southern Cross Station master plan. Located at street level, in the entrance foyer of 664 Collins Street, the 8×9 metre high-resolution screen is a collaboration between Swinburne Design, Mirvac developers and Grimshaw Architects. The screen features over 2 hours of animation and is affected by real-time data sources from Melbourne and around the world. Visible to thousands of daily commuters, and requiring the development of new digital media technologies, the 664 Media Wall represents design excellence though urban storytelling.


The 664 Collins Media Wall was developed following Mirvac’s social and environmental sustainability agenda, titled ‘This Changes Everything’. By building and managing assets from cradle to grave, over a five-year period Mirvac has seen a 26% carbon reduction, 23% water saving and has diverted of 96% of its waste from landfill. The Media Wall, which is powered by the building\’s solar system, displays this data in an artwork called “The Heart of 664”. The screen adapts to ambient light to reduce power consumption and the software automatically cycles the screen and hardware down when the building is not in use.


The 664 Collins Media Wall sets benchmarks in digital media design research, software development, industry collaboration and real-time, data driven content creation. The Swinburne Design team included senior academics from Swinburne Design, Architecture, Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Data Science, Smart Cities Research Institutes and the Digital Media Design program who committed over 10,000 hours to the project. Other contributors included the City of Melbourne Data Centre and the German-based software company Videro, with whom Swinburne worked to develop the hardware and software capabilities in advance of Disney. The technical capabilities, global visibility and published research outcomes benefit all Victorian design.


Other large-format screens either play pre-rendered content or run a single computer program, generally representing a single data source. The 664 Collins Media Wall features approximately 40 digital design outcomes, combining 15 terabytes of rendered animation, generative and adaptive algorithms. These are affected by live data sources as diverse as the current traffic in Melbourne, the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef, to deaths in Iraq. This represented a significant challenge to the Swinburne Design team of 80, academics, undergraduate and Master of Design students. It required the development of world-first screen software, guided by unique, emotion-led, agent-oriented software models.

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