51 Langridge


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Located in the culturally rich suburb of Collingwood, 51 Langridge presents as a contemporary insertion into its context, drawing on a variety of material and architectural cues.

The building embodies sustainably and contextually relevant design. Double-height gardens on every level, extensive and prioritised green travel, a fully naturally ventilated building, rainwater harvesting and a productive/communal rooftop garden.

Externally a bold stair runs to the rooftop, creating a striking gesture, contributing significantly to the ethos of the project, a workplace that puts wellness first.

Tessellating concrete panels characterise the upper levels with an intricate, woven pattern embossed creating a fabric-like skin.

Key Features


Rigorous design approach focussed on the exterior manifestation and social narrative of the building. Façade moments curated for a highly visual and sculptural response – drawing heavily from its historical context. Notions of old concrete lintels, buttress-like side walls, arched entries and apertures.
The intricate ‘weaving’ pattern creates fabric-like aesthetic referencing the many textile warehouse in the area.
The building designed to 5-star GreenStar, but excelling in areas of innovation whereby ideas of the walkable building, and incidental exercise/interaction are overtly promoted through promotion of green transport and the ‘caterpillar’ stair.


– Removal of floor finishes and typical ‘dropped ceiling’ lead to massive reduction in material use
– The bold, external ‘caterpillar’ scissor stair is both fire egress, and social activator. Few, if any, buildings have their only stair externalised.
– Visually impactful this sculptural innovation is also a continual reminder to non-occupants too of walkability and health
– Primarily concrete (façade, floors, ceilings) – with a very low embodied energy and excellent thermal qualities
– Entire structure of building incorporated into façade creating an ‘exoskeletal’ structure
– Floors can be naturally lit for entire day, drastically reducing reliance on artificial lighting


Completely redefines the ‘old office building’ into a ‘healthy workplace’. Naturally lit and with minimised material use for an industrial but bright spatial experience, this workplace building transforms the traditional office space.

A ground level café also contributes to the notion of a workplace ‘ecosystem’ – whereby one can commute to work, drop their bike, shower, grab a coffee, work!, lunch on the communal rooftop, and essentially have a more active, productive and enjoyable worklife balance.

Double height gardens on every level provide not only psychological benefits but contribute to urban ecology.


– A series of double storey gardens on every level. Each approximately 10% of the floor area
– Operable glass louvres allow full, natural ventilation through the building to reduce reliance on mechanical systems.
– An externalised stair – no typical ‘concrete core’ – that runs the entire height of the building promoting walkability. This is the only stair!
– Highest sustainability and ESD initiatives embedded into the design to actively contribute to the wellness of occupants.
– Internal finishes raw and stripped back again aligning with the building\’s philosophy of reduced reliance on costly surface finishes and excess material use.


– Shallow floor plates allow full natural light to all spaces.
– Western louvres provide solar control during hot summer months
– Communal rooftop acts as social activator encouraging cross pollination between industries and companies
– Exoskeleton structural approach allows an entire column free internal space drastically enhancing the flexibility and adaptability of spaces for now and into the future as tenants and uses change
– Shift away from the ‘all glass’ office facades that are leading to higher energy use and poor outcomes for occupants

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