50th Anniversary of Apollo 11


  • Cut Throat Knives


In 1969 the course of humanity was changed. No longer was humanity confined to a pale blue dot in a sea of stellar bodies. We had taken the first steps in becoming off-world explorers.

50 years since Apollo 11 kissed the moon Cut Throat Knives and WKRMN have teamed up to celebrate this achievement through the release of their limited edition Moon Landing Knives.

The blades feature unique moonscape handle made from resin. The moonscape in the handle is from an actual scan of the moon giving you a little small piece of Earth\’s companion in your hands.

Key Features


In a world of increasingly disposable, valueless items, where homes and garage sales and superstores are packed with mediocre pieces that are bought, used, and ignored, what could be more important than learning once again to value what we buy, and feel a connection to the people who create around us?

Cut Throat Knives and WKRMN have created something that is not just a functional tool but an emotional anchor. Something that helps the user feel connected to one of humanity\’s greatest accomplishments and to our stellar neighbour.


Cut Throat Knives Limited Editions are designed to shift the conversation around culinary tools. To blur the lines between art and tool and to enhance the cooking experience.

They are designed to last a life time but moreover to be kitchen heirlooms. Something that is passed down from one generation to the next so that one day someone can say that their parents handed this to them, and their parents did the same before that.

Beyond sustainable these are built to last and be cherished.


The knife is humanity\’s oldest tool being somewhere between 1-2 million years old. The knife is more than a mere tool. It is an ancient thing; it is an echo of every knife every made every meal cooked by the hands of people
since the beginning.

You hear a knife chop you are hearing the sound of humanity’s culinary history made real.

Knife making is not about transformation but iterative steps in the longest history of design.


The handles of the knives were made using layers of polyurethane resin in a two part mould, the mould was designed using an actual three dimensional scan of the Moon\’s Surface that was milled before casting.

In this way each knife is a small piece of earth\’s stellar neighbour in the kitchen and is meant to evoke a sense of awe in one of humanity\’s greatest achievements, to act as a momento of what can be achieved when humanity works together towards something noble.


The Cut Throat blade is an 8inch Kitchen Knife with a harpoon tip and is made from High Carbon Steel. Hidden under the handle the knife is engraved with the names of Apollo 1 Astronauts – Virgil I. Grissom, Ed White, and Roger B. Chaffee who lost their lives on the first crewed mission of the Apollo program.

The WKRMN blade is modern, minimal and perfect for everyday tasks around the home or office. This knife is considered a \”friction folder\” and does not have a lock. The blade is held in the closed position via tension from the pivot.

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